Magical Lessons: A Place to Begin….

Magical Lessons: A Place to Begin….

“The wand chooses the wizard. That much has always been clear to those of us who have studied wandlore… If you are any wizard at all you will be able to channel your magic through almost any instrument. The best results, however, must always come where there is the strongest affinity between wizard and wand. These connections are complex. An initial attraction, and then a mutual quest for experience, the wand learning from the wizard, the wizard from the wand.”

—Mr Ollivander

“The wand chooses the wizard”….All those years of incessantly watching Harry Potter with my mesmerized kiddos served me well. And I can attest that it’s true….it does. 

It chose me, a very long time ago. I embraced it, then muted it for awhile, then brushed over its significance in my story. Then I was lead back to it~out of necessity. Out of a need to HEAL. It drew me in and commanded my attention. So here I am…FINALLY choosing it back.

But lately I’ve had to tangle with a more painful truth……was I really going to let this dream pass me by? Be content with having notebooks upon notebooks filled with thoughts, nuances, lessons, insights, and stories and let them be trapped there forever? Only to be discovered by the ones I love most when I’m gone and their relevance would be questioned? Was I really going to choose to let this urge, talent, desire that compelled me on daily basis simply shrivel up and die? All of these beautiful things….locked in a drawer forever? That is very sad….a waste indeed. That’s also the power that FEAR has over us. But not anymore…

I couldn’t and shouldn’t. I mustn’t. I have too much to give, to share, to bring to light, to unload, to express, to draw attention to, to celebrate, to LEARN. About myself, my family, our world, and this beautiful thing called life. So I won’t. I won’t waste another single minute pondering if I’m good enough, if I can hack it, grind it out with the level of discipline required or even compel an audience to care about what I’m creating. I will just do it because that is what my heart is leading me to do. That is the space my mind gravitates to. Every. Single. Day. That is ME-my essence, my calling, my gift. I will give it, show it, love it, and BE it. But most importantly, I will start today. 

Sometimes you just have to LISTEN to the whisper in your heart that has always been there….and somehow, it will show you the way. And for the record, I do believe in magic. 

With Big Much Love,


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