Yet Another Addiction Hijacking our Lives: Beware of Destination Addiction

Yet Another Addiction Hijacking our Lives: Beware of Destination Addiction

Destination addiction. I didn’t even know that was a “thing” but I’m totally guilty… like, excessively guilty. I guess that’s why it’s called an “addiction”. You just may be struggling with this too….without even having a smidgen if awareness. 

I mean, how many of us have said “I’ll be happy when”….

I get the promotion
I make X amount of dollars a year
I achieve X
My spouse does X
I lose 10 pounds
The house projects are done
My kids are home
My kids are back in school
When we go on vacation, for a month….

You get the picture….like a million times, right? But what happens when the “when” is no longer in play? You’ve deprived yourself of happiness- Forever? For what? The principle of the matter?

I know, it’s super hard to be in the moment at times. It takes focus and intentionality. We often aren’t even aware that we are doing this~we are literally conditioned to check stuff off the list and think about what’s next…and next, and next. But…. if your life and utter existence doesn’t deserve your full attention and happiness NOW, I’m not sure what does. 

Friends, I implore you STOP waiting for your life to happen somewhere in the future. Commit to embracing the NOW. Happiness is within the million little moments we experience every single day. We just have to open our eyes and our hearts to really seeing and feeling it. Ultimately, we get to CHOOSE.

Do we choose happiness and gratitude or an insatiable reaching somewhere in to the future for something that is not promised to us? Let’s work to end this trend from robbing us from the precious moments of our ordinary, everyday lives. I’m working to break my own cycle of “destination addiction” and choose to be happy RIGHT NOW. Anyone else willing to join me?

Today my happiness looked like prepping the house for Spring and hanging with my golden girls and drinking in the warm, gentle breeze while being delighted by the earths beautiful awakening and the lovely colors of my spring flowers. What did it look like for you?

With Big Much Love,


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