When the End of an Era Arrives and Our First Instinct is to Stifle…. Instead, we Must Lean Into the Magic That Has Yet to be Revealed.

I did a thing recently. I packed princesses in a closet… and it feels like the end of an ERA. Quite frankly, it is. And it makes me sad.

These meticulously carved and beautifully colored figurines used to proudly adorn my daughter Sophee’s dresser. Displayed as a centerpiece that literally welcomed you into her room with warmth, whimsy and a touch of magic.

A little girls room that is now a NOT SO little girls room….because my baby is growing and changing. All the things that we want desperately for our children, but part of us begs to STIFLE at the same time. It’s a delicate balance this concept of holding on and letting go.

Admittedly, I was feeling a little emotional as I tucked them away- goodbye Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, and Merida (that brave heart especially tugged at my heartstrings). They embodied her sublime innocence in so many ways.

But then I lovingly remembered days gone by and carefully packing away my own special treasures of childhood. Not releasing them, but simply setting them aside for something else to come into the light and take center stage in my life.

I also recalled that even though those treasures were tucked away, they were still a part of me…my story, my dreams and my wishes. Just as they will be for her. They will always be there-they are just no longer in the forefront of her daily existence. Growing means we must literally CREATE SPACE for something else (something new) to bless our lives. 

The end of an era or a stage is hard because it is change, and change is fraught with uncertainty. But change is also beautiful- it makes way for new possibilities and often reveals blessings we are not even aware of yet that are meant for us. They are actually WAITING FOR US. 

Where there is an end, a new beginning is just around the bend…..I believe that with my whole heart. No matter what, she will always be my baby. My sweet Sophee princess. That is one thing that will never change (cue the closet door closing and a tiny tear streaming down my cheek).

And so it indeed rings true, the best part of parenthood is watching our children grow up. And the worst part of parenthood is in fact watching our children GROW UP.

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