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Launch It, Girl! Podcast

Overcoming Perfectionism, Launching Online, and How to Avoid Micromanaging Your Children

Have you ever felt paralyzed by perfectionism? 
In this episode, we chat with Success Coach Brandee El-Attar, a fellow mom, business owner and client, who specializes in family transformation. Her twenty years of experience definitely shines in this episode as she talks about parenting with purpose and overcoming perfectionism in both the home life and in business. We dive into the feelings she experienced when gearing up to take her expertise online and launching her very first program. 

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Rising Moms Podcast

Creating Purpose Within Your Parenting

Perfectionism is a myth, and each child and family is different. We all have our own different ways to be nurtured. It’s hard not to compare ourselves with everyone else’s “perfect” lives, but remember, we are only seeing a part of someone’s life! When we are clear about what we want in our family, we avoid the comparison trap. We have to be clear on our value sets — it will make our decision-making easier.
Another trap of parent perfectionism is that it limits our children’s growth. If we’re just striving for the perfect outcomes, we’re missing all the bits of discoveries that happen in the in-between, messy parts. We should allow our children and ourselves to make mistakes. It’s in those mistakes that give us the opportunity to learn and we must allow our kids to struggle a bit so they can learn, too.
In this episode, parenting coach Brandee and I discuss how we can unlearn parenting styles that negatively affect our families. Join us as we share insights on how we can make our parenting purposeful!

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The Autism and Sensory Parenting Podcast

Building You Up To Be the Mom You Crave To Be with Brandee El-Attar

Meet Brandee. She is a family success coach as well as a behavioral consultant, parent-educator, volunteer extraordinaire, blogger and budding author. She loves making connections, reflecting upon life, and sharing it with others. Helping people navigate the complexities of parenting, managing a kiddo with special needs, or stepping into their own greatness, is where she SHINES.  And she always seeks the lessons from each and every experience and is one who strongly believes in owning your OWN IMPACT. To this end, she aspires to help others find the joy, meaning and deep connectedness in their innermost circles with whom they share their most intimate life  experiences~their family.

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The Day a Real Live Momster Came to Town and It Was Me